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We all know that Laguna is a province that is considered one of the most beautiful tourist hot spot destination, and when you talked about my hometown, which is the city of Calamba, what else can this beautiful city of mine has to offer this summer but the most famous place for summer destination, Pansol. Pansol is called the Hot Spring Capital of the Philippines, due to a huge number of Hot Spring resorts that you can find here.

But wait, you wont be wanting for any hot spring resort this summer, am i right? What a wonderful way to enjoy your summer vacation and long weekend break is a cool, and relaxing but fun place to break the summer heat.

Now if you tired of enjoying the typical hot spring resorts in Pansol Calamba, why not try to travel along Cabuyao and try to visit the newly opened Water themed park, the Woodside Farm and Waterpark Resort. We’re so lucky enough to have a sneak peek of the entire resort prior to its opening date. The place is already so popular on facebook that a lot of people are already visiting the place for site inspection and its soft opening.

Woodside Farm and Waterpark resort sits on a 2.5-hectare property inside Barangay Casile, Cabuyao City Laguna. The place is huge enough to have 4 large Swimming Pools.

The Wave Pool

Giant Slide Pool

Kiddie Pool

Pavillion Pool


Asides from its refreshing swimming pools, it also has a lot of available rooms and cottages which you can get on affordable prices.

Cottages / Cabanas


Private Villa

Woodside Farm and Waterpark has much more to offer, like their Conference Rooms, Pavillion Hall and Function Areas where they can accommodate your special events like weddings, debuts, baptismal, birthday celebrations, or even company meetings, outings, or parties and team building.

If you want to spend you most awaited summer break here at Woodside Farm and Waterpark, here are their Entrance Rates;

Weekdays Day Tour: Adults – 349.00 / Kids, Senior, PWD – 279.00
Weekends Day Tour: Adults – 399.00 / Kids, Senior, PWD – 319.00
Weekends Night Tour: Adults – 449.00 / Kids, Senior, PWD – 359.00

How to get to Woodside Farm and Waterpark?

Well, its not really that hard to find this place, but if you’re just commuting, just follow these simple directions,

  1. From iMall in Canlubang, there is a jeepney station, ask them to drop you off at Wyeth building in Teleray.
  2. Once you arrived at Wyeth building, ride a tricycle going to Brgy. Casile.
  3. Once you passed by the Marcos Twin Mansion you will see Woodside Farm & Waterpark at your left side. Have Fun and Enjoy!


  • Nice place, very environment friendly, you can enjoy nature tripping inside the resort.
  • Clean Place – since this is newly build, the whole place is super new and clean. Very well maintained, all the facilities are clean.
  • Friendly Staff – All the staffs we’d encountered are very nice and friendly. They will assist you in all of your inquires, or on what you need. There are even dedicated staffs that will guide you or take you on tour inside the resort.


  • No Wifi, Weak cellphone signal – since the place is located on a mountain, expect a weak signal reception. No wifi since there’s no Globe nor Smart internet line being offered in Brgy. Casile.
  • No Cable – when you avail any of their room accomodations there are no cable channels available on their LED televisions. Again this is bec. there’s no cable services available in Brgy. Casile. Instead, there are using ABS-CBN TV plus, so you can still enjoy watching local tv channels.
  • Pricey – well, their rates might be a little too pricey, buy hey, you can get a lot of great experience and enjoyment for a little more amount spent. Watch out for their promo offers every month, they will be offering some discounts on their rates and accommodation.
  • Hard Location – it’s not very easy to get to Woodside Farm and Waterpark especially when you’re just commuting. It might be easier if you bring your own vehicle since access to public transport is only limited and public fare is also not cheap.

Woodside Farm and Waterpark Resort is worth the visit and experience. Despite the cons, this place is still worthy for your instagram.

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