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As a mom, it’s our daily task to prepare delicious and at the same time nutritious food to our children. When it comes to feeding our little ones, we also consider foods that are easy to prepare.

I have a cute and beautiful baby girl, who is now 7 months and I’m already starting to feed her some solid foods. Traditionally, I used Cerelac. Actually this is also the starter food I used to fed my first born son. I really don’t have any problem with Cerelac, since a lot of moms been using it to their infants.

Then my sister-in-law, gave me two boxes of Milna. She told me that she’s giving her daughter Milna and that her baby really loves it. Actually, I already seen the product several times whenever I go shopping at the supermarket. This is the first time I’m going to try a different product with my baby and hopefully will continue to use this as a starter food for my daughter as well.

Well, here goes my review of Milna product.

Milna is manufactured by Kalbe (a very popular and trusted company, so I dont have any problem trying this one out, even if its imported and manufactured in Indonesia). As indicated in its box, its suitable for Infants 6 months old and above, or even in young children as well. It has No Artificial Colors and No Preservatives which is good and has a lot of Vitamins and Minerals as well as Calcium and Iron.

When you opened the box, you’ll be impressed to see that the product is in a very sealed and thick packaging, and that the expiry date is visible on sight.

I’m suprised to see that the product looks like a biscuit, a very thick one, and kinda bit large (not bite size), it also smells good. I guess it’s because it’s banana flavored, so it’s smelled like a banana.

So how do you prepare Milna? Here’s my guide (as stated in the instruction in the box)

1. Prepare your baby’s feeding plate/bowl, and spoon. Be sure that they are clean, as well as your hands, make sure you washed them too (whenever preparing your child’s food, always make sure that your hands are clean).

2. Place 2 pieces of Milna into the bowl, (it’s advisable that each servings consists of 2 pcs.)

3. Add warm water, or baby’s formula milk/breast milk. Well for me, I tried to used a normal distilled water though. Put a few spoonful of water just enough to dissolve milna.

4. Stir well, until it mixed evenly and the texture is soft and perfect for feeding.

As you can see here, my baby girl, loves milna. It’s not hard to feed her this food and everytime I serve her milna, she always ate them all. I bet she likes it bec. its delicious, taste sweet and probably tasty. Would definitely buy more milna next time since its affordable and only costs,  61 pesos per box.

Milna is available on leading Supermarkets, particularly Save More, Puregold, and Mercury Drug Stores. It’s also available online in Lazada,, and To learn more about Milna, head to their official facebook page,>.



Milna is a perfect baby food, rich in vitamins and minerals with Calcium and Iron. It's very affordable and easy to prepare, you're baby would surely love and like it.

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